• Un Certain Regard: fantasy jewellery now has a gallery.

For over 10 years we have been passionately creating original jewellery by paying attention to its quality.
It is through our very personal approach that our jewellery becomes more than mere accessories.

Created for women who dare to wear generous volumes and rich colors, it is discrete, audacious or seductive, depending on the style.

Un Certain Regard offers continuing collections, limited series or unique creations made from natural materials such as wood, glass, silver metal, natural resins, semi-precious stones and silver.
In keeping with all these promises, our website, a genuine art gallery, presents jewellery in the spirit of authenticity.

We wish you a pleasant trip to the discovery of the jewellery that will seduce you.

• Gin d'Agostini

Un Certain Regard is a creation by Gin d'Agostini, whose talent has for 20 years been centered around fashion, clothing and fashion accessories. Here she offers a new look at her unique signature style jewellery.